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Stanton City

Remove Extra Taxes - Support Safety Services - Increase Business Retention - Create Employment Opportunities - Reduce Graffiti

Utility Users Tax Exemption Form for low income. View a sample form here

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Stanton was in the Wall Street Journal:
Wall Street Journal Article

This Sunday's OC Register Article
Can Stanton tax to prosperity?
See the entire artile here: OC Regsiter Article

This Week's OC Weekly Article
The $6 million new park in Stanton has been reported in the OC Register as costing $11.5 million. But, the Register has left out the $12 million it cost to buy the property. I followed up with the reporter on this 2 weeks ago and heard nothing back. Anyway, in this OC Weekly article there is a mention that at the end of the day the new park will eventually cost $24 million + interest on the bond debt + park upkeep. See the entire artile here: OC Weekly Article

city of stanton
This is an image from the CR&R website. See, they have a 3-can option already. In June 2015 the Orange County Register reported that the trash fee is going up from $15.65 to $16.28. Why are we paying almost $22 for only one can?

city of stanton
Why are we paying twice as much as Los Al for trash when we only get one can and they get three?

Mayor Al Ethans
7800 Katella Ave.
Stanton, CA 90680

Mayor Ethans:

Los Alamitos residents have 3 trash bins and they pay about $11.90 a month. The OC Register pointed out last year that Stanton trash rates are the second highest in the county. To vote in favor of a fee increase is unimaginable. I mean, why would anyone vote in favor of paying twice as much for something and get one-third the service?

Consider using a trash company that doesn't have the highest price in the county that offers the lowest service.


Kevin Carr

city of stanton utility tax

Yep, you guess it. Our City's Utility Users Tax in on our cell phones. When did cell phones become a utility?

city of stanton
"Loss of pension? Oh my!"
End of public pensions for convicted felons?
September 5th, 2012
"For people elected or employed after Jan. 1 [2013], it's pretty Draconian," said Mario Mainero, law professor at Chapman University. "But it only applies those elected or employed after Jan. 1, 2013. So it won't apply to anyone who is elected in November[2012]."
See entire article here

Stanton Sales Tax

We have to stop the City Council from increasing our taxes and fees year after year after year! Other cities do not have the tax increases that we do. We need to stop the increases and Save Our Stanton!


Stanton Sales Tax
Protestors show up at the GOP Headquarters in Stanton to make a point and asks "Why does Council Member David Shawver support a huge increase in sales tax in Stanton"? SOS! Save Our Stanton and "say NO to the Stanton Sales Tax".

This is your chance to say “No More Taxes”!

Don’t be misled! Here are the real facts about the proposed sales tax increase:
  • This tax will be collected at the gas pump every time you fill up!
  • It will not guarantee an increase in public safety services. This is a general tax that goes into the general fund.
  • It won't even guarantee that our safety services will even remain the same!
  • It can be used for paying for outrageous salaries, benefit packages, increases in pension benefits, excessive overtime, etc.
  • Our city leaders can already fund our safety service needs 100% any time they want to. They have money in reserves and don’t need this tax increase to do it!
  • This tax would hurt working families, the poor and the elderly on fixed incomes every time they shop in Stanton.
  • A sales tax increase creates higher prices, hurts businesses and employment opportunities.
  • We already voted down the huge tax increase just two years ago.
  • We already pay too many local taxes and fees on our cellphones, water, protective services, lighting/landscaping, sewer and other utility taxes!

Now is your chance! “SOS” Save our Stanton from unnecessary tax increases!

P.S. We need a tax decrease not an increase! Vote NO on this sales tax increase!

Stanton Local Taxes
Remember 28 months ago when our council members tried to increase our cell phone tax, home phone tax, water tax, electricity tax and other utility taxes by 50%? Remember they closed 2 of our parks and warned us about dire consequences if we didn’t vote in favor of this tax, blah, blah, blah…

Well our parks aren’t closed,  violent crime went down, the city’s hiring freeze appears over and the average household saved about $200 during this time thanks to your “no” vote on the tax increase. "SOS" Save Our Stanton and vote NO on the Stanton Sales Tax Increase Measrue GG!

city of stanton election

city of stanton

It is interesting to see that those on Kennel Row are okay with becoming part of the City of Stanton. Some thought that bringing on one of the unincorporated areas wouldn't happen. Mac Island didn’t come on board and Carmel/Lampson Island didn’t either. And there is that area near Beach and Orangewood that opted out of it. Maybe it had something to do with two of our council members living within that neighborhood so they found a way out of it. Anyway, what is more interesting is that our newest residents on Kennel Row didn’t seem to have a problem with their property taxes going up once they became part of our city. It appears that they are okay with their new protective service fee in their property tax bill and their new landscape and lighting fee as well. Some people wonder why they would want to become part of a city known for such high taxes, high unemployment and high violent crime. As seen in the OC Weekly, "Stanton is the place the rest of us here in Orange County make fun of when we're tired of mocking Fontana." Why didn’t they want to continue like they were or become part of Cypress instead?

Something even more interesting is the high utility taxes that those on Kennel Row have to pay now. Not sure why they would want to be part of this too. It is odd how this works. The utility taxes are something that these new residents do not get to vote on but they still have to pay. This local tax is on each cell phone, business phone, home phone, electricity, water and gas. Something else this area receives is our unfunded liabilities like public employee pensions, lifetime medical benefits for our employees and other liabilities. It’s good to have these new residents committed to help us pay all these taxes (past, present and future). It has been said that city lines are drawn to favor or disfavor a property owner. One can only wonder which side they ended up on. The favored side or the disfavored side.

Stanton Local Taxes
A couple of months back there was an article in the OC Register with the heading of "park plans" and mentioned that our city council was considering  allocating an extra $328,705 to pay David Volz Design, the firm previously hired to design Stanton Central Park. To repeat... They are allocating an "EXTRA" $328,705. Didn't the city council tell us that we were out of money and that we didn't have enough money to maintain our current parks when they closed two of them? Where is this "EXTRA" money coming from? And, where did that "EXTRA" $12.5 million come from when Stanton purchased the property for this Central park? Seems more like we are paying too many "EXTRA" taxes!


Park Rangers
Good to read in the paper that we now have a "Park Ranger" program for our city parks. Didn’t City Hall tell us that we were out of money and had to close parks and allow volunteers to mow them? Seems a little odd that Stanton has the money to pay people to watch the grass but doesn't have the money to pay people to mow the grass.

12 Days Of December
Date: 12-2-2013
Last year City Hall was only open 12 days during December. It must be nice to work only 12 days and get paid for the whole month. Looking at the calendar is appears that City Hall again will be open only 12 days this December. The idea of moving from a 4 day, 40-hour work week for city staff to a 3 day, 30-hour work week (Tuesday through Thursday) is looking better all the time. City Hall is closed too many Mondays throughout the year due to holidays anyway. Having a 3-day work week would save on employee wages, reduce holiday closures and reduce utility costs at City Hall which would save us money and we would still be open 12 days every month throughout the year.

Register To Vote
If you, or someone you know, recently moved to Stanton then now is a good time to re-register to vote. Or if you married and had a name change now is a good time as well. Click the image and get registered today.


Stanton Assets Increase
It was recently reported in the OC Register that Stanton was moving properties between agencies.  The list of parcels included two plots on Katella Ave. an office building on Katella, the 12.75 acre parcel that we bought a couple of years ago on Western, a parcel on Pacific Ave. and the city yard. Let’s not forget all the other properties that our city acquired.  Why does our city council keep over-taxing us, buying up properties with our money and telling us that we have no money then tax us more?


Tax Increase Again:
Did everyone notice the sewer fee increase in their recent property tax bill? Yep, this local tax went up again without the vote of the people. Isn’t it odd that council members can tell us during election years that they won't raise taxes without the vote of the people then once they get elected they raise the sewer fee without the vote of the people?  It is a good thing that our city council was required by law to allow us to vote on the utility tax increase last year otherwise they would just keep increasing it without the vote of the people. Side note: The county sewer fee went up as well and we didn't get to vote on that one either. Look at your property tax bill and see for yourself.

Rule #1: Do not vote for any council member that
is trying to increase your taxes!

Hiring Freeze Gone?

This less than full time position pays between $16.67 - $20.26 per hour according to the City’s website. Less than full time can mean 39.75 hours a week or less.

Stanton Local Taxes
Remember 7 months ago when our council members tried to increase our cell phone tax and utility taxes by 50%? Remember when they closed 2 of our parks and warned us about dire consequences if we didn’t vote in favor of their huge tax increase, blah, blah, blah...

Well our parks aren’t closed,  violent crime went down, the city’s hiring freeze appears to be over and the average household saved about $120 during the past 7 months in unnecessary taxes thanks to your “NO” vote on the tax increase.

We Need Jobs!
We can visually see that employers are closing their doors or leaving our city. We have the highest unemployment rate in the county with no plan to turn this around. So why would our city continue to lead us in the wrong direction with more housing? More housing is the not the answer to the largest issues that we all have which are high unemployment, unnecessary local taxes, the reduction in safety services, business retention and graffiti abatement. Fill out the housing survey form on our city's homepage and let them know what you think about housing being our #1 priority:

Have you heard about the Katella Smart Street project that began in the early 1990's? You might have by now since the city has been working on it for quite a while. The project was supposed to set the light timing to allow cars to move more efficiently through the city and to other cities on Katella Avenue. So, here we are now nearly 20 years later... Are cars moving along Katella Ave. or are we still getting stopped at just about every traffic light?

Years ago there was a meeting held to discuss the condo project on Beach and Orangewood. The meeting was anticipated to be larger than expected so it was held at one of the community rooms at City Hall. But when questions came up about the commercial part of the project the forum took a "we are out of time" strategy as vague answers were given and only a hand ful of questions in total were allowed to be asked. Keep in mind that this was supposed to be the big meeting to discuss the largest housing track the city has seen in a long time but only a handfull of questions were allowed? While it was obvious to many at the time that the project was not well thought out or appeared to be badly planned or that they were hiding something we can see from the September 27th, 2012 Garden Grove Journal article that this was the case.

Here is the part of the article that stands out the most:

"While Brandywine developers built the residential area, the retail area remains unbuilt. A hitch in the plan is that Brandywine is solely a residential developer. Drawing business into the area is also a challenge. The area needs business to encourage business to come, officials said. “This deal we did with Brandywine is killing us [on this unused property],” said Donahue.

Mayor pro tem David Shawver said that Brandywine is willing to work with the city to figure out how to solve the problem.

So, everyone that created the problem to begin with are now in charge of fixing it. Nice.

12 Days Of December
Date: 12-29-2012
City Hall was only open 12 days this month. The idea of moving from a 4 day, 40-hour work week for city staff to a 3 day, 30-hour work week is looking better all the time. City Hall is closed too many Mondays throughout the year due to holidays anyway. We are in a "crisis", aren’t we?

City of Stanton
Did you notice that our local sewer fee went up by almost 20% in 2012? It went up 24% the year before as well. Did we get to vote on this fee (tax) increase?
On November 13th, State Controller John Chiang unveiled a “Public Pay Website” listing municipal employee wages online ( That sounds like a great idea, right? While reviewing the data on the compensation website and matching it to a past OC Register article and to what our city is revealing in their budget it uncovered a couple of huge issues: 1) The employee wages listed in all sources are different. 2) Where the wages do match up, it appears that our employees received raises in pay over the past couple of years while the “leadership” was crying poor, putting tax issues on the ballot, closing our parks, reducing our crime prevention and fire safety services, etc. So, basically, without accurate real-time data, having a list of public employee pay is a nice step in “a direction” but falls a little short of the goal.

Useful Information:

Graffiti Hotline: (714) 890-4252

Abandoned item or large item pickup (free): Contact CR&R at (714) 826-9049.

Utility Users Tax Exemption Form for low income. View a sample form here

Visit the Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association Website and stay informed.


City Hall Closed?
Date: 11-25-2012
City Hall was only open 6 out of the past 17 days. In the article that appeared in the Orange County News in August it offers many ideas to help with Stanton’s budget issues like this one: “- 4 day, 40-hour work week for city staff can be adjusted to a 3 day, 30-hour work week Tuesday through Thursday. City Hall is closed too many Mondays due to holidays anyway. Nobody wants this to happen but it is better than more layoffs and we are in a “crisis” aren’t we?”. Seems like there is a lot of truth to this idea. If City Hall was only open 6 out of the past 17 days what is wrong with this schedule all year long and exploring the idea of a part-time staff? We are in a “crisis”, aren’t we?


Stanton's Very Own Special Taxes
Date: 11-01-2012 Property tax bills are being mailed next week. When it arrives look at the local taxes that you are being charged. These are the ones everyone has forgotten about. Notice we have 2 sewer fees. One is special for just us Stanton residents. Notice the protective service fee? What’s that for? Hint: It doesn’t not go to our Sheriff’s Department or to crime suppression. Notice the lighting and landscaping fee. How much longer do we have to pay this tax and how did it get on our bill? These are special taxes for just us Stanton residents. Take a look at your cell phone bill. Notice the Stanton UUT local tax? This same tax is also on our electric, water and gas. Do you feel like you are getting your monies worth or do you feel like you are funding someone else's retirement plans and “health care for life” plans with all these local taxes?

Administrator Services Director Needed
There is a vacancy at City Hall. The position doesn’t pay very much but with benefits the OC Register reported that the position pays a total of $168,100 but that was back in 2010. 


city of stanton
Show me the plan!
During election years we hear a lot of promises but never see a plan and no follow through on the promises. We want to see a plan on: Removing special taxes, supporting safety services, increasing business retention, creating employment opportunities and graffiti reduction. Is that too much to ask?
city of stanton utility tax

Yep, you guess it. Our City's Utility Users Tax in on our cell phones. When did cell phones become a utility?

Mayor Warren’s Priority
There has been some talk about the city reserves being one of the main challenges.  Notice there has been no mention of replacing the funds that was taken away from the Sheriff and Fire Departments. Click here

Stanton is going into a new year without a plan once again. But that is nothing new and the reason why our city is in the shape that it's in. We still need a plan to remove extra taxes, support our Sheriff and Fire Departments, increase business retention and encourage employment opportunities.

It is unfortunate for us that our council members' inability to follow the rules will continue to get us into further trouble in the courts. This above-the-law-approach to running our city can only hurt us residents as they continue to use our tax money to defend their actions in court instead of using our money for our much needed high priority services like the Sheriff and Fire Departments which they cut earlier this year. See the photo above. It is against the California Elections Code to campaign within 100 feet of a polling place.
Also, it is against our municipal code to have more than one campaign sign per parcel. And it is against our municipal code to have a sign in the public right of way. Al Ethans can't say he was not aware of this because it appears that the signage ordinance was updated in 2000 and 2009 while he was in office. Also, while he was running in 1996 when the ordinance was implemented. It is not unusual for our council members to break the rules like these so most of the time this wouldn't be an issue but our city stopped a new business from opening by not accepting their application until after a church filed their application first and now our city is getting sued over it. It is against our municipal code to open an adult cabaret within 300 feet of a church. So, if our elected officials don't follow their own municipal code, or California Elections Code and they work against a business that they don't like and appear to act in concert against that business then what do you think a judge is going do about the arrogance and inconsistency of our city's actions? And who do you think is going to have to continue to pay for it? Making more municipal codes (link to code here) when we already have cabaret laws on our books and Al Ethans speaking badly about a business they know nothing about will only get our city into more trouble. Our city currently has similar businesses like Fuzzy Bears, Venus nightclub and very fancy looking Earmark Entertainment (adult bookstore) which are fine establishments and this website gives each of them 4.5 out of 5 stars.

Check out the new Government Compensation in California (GCC) Website! Click here and see what our municipalities are reporting to our State Controller. Remember: Just because you read it on the State Controller's website doesn't make it true. Like it says on the website "The information presented is posted as submitted by the reporting entity. "

"Warren said that the greatest challenge looming ahead was maintaining and rebuilding the city reserves.", Carol Warren to the Garden Grove Journal. Translated into normal speak this means the city plans to over-tax us (again). See the article here.
Need a little financial assistance? On a fixed income or need just a little tax relief? Check out this Utility Users Tax Exemption Form Sample to see if you quality and speak with City Hall if you think you do.

Our city council pledged no new taxes. Now they cut our services but we pay the same taxes? So who failed?

" is very important for me to continue to oppose any new taxes and work towards the total elimination of our utility users tax."
Alex Ethans 1996,
Stanton Mayor 2009

"I have always fought against the utility user's tax. And it appears no one on the council has even taken a look at other resources, because it's easy to keep spending our tax dollars."
David Shawver 1994, Stanton Mayor 2007

city of stanton
People across America are saying the same things: Do you want to pay more for less services?

Ran across this salary chart on the OC Register website. Click here to see the article titled "Stanton salaries show 7 earn over $100,000". This is not a current article and some of these employees are just recently no longer employed with us but it makes one ask the question, "why did we have so many high salaried people when we had no money"?

"I pledge to keep Stanton’s quality of life my priority by ensuring the best fire and police services, citywide recreation, and
maintaining Stanton’s financial security with no new taxes.

Carol Warren 2008,
Stanton Mayor 2012

Carol Warren later tried to increase our utility tax by 50%, increased our sewer fee 2 years in a row, reduced funding to our police and fire services and closed 2 of our parks.

city of stanton
A family of 5 is paying about $300 in utility taxes every year for CELL PHONES, electricity, water, home phones and natural gas. $300! And now they decreased our police and fire?

"Yes, the 6 percent utilities tax should be rescinded. This is a major issue with me, and I believe that next year this tax should be reduced by a minimum 2 percent and within four years be completely eliminated."
Brian Donahue 1994, Stanton Mayor 2011

"Stanton needs: No new taxes"

Alex Ethans 2000,
Stanton Mayor 2009

city of stanton tax

Did you read about this in the OC Register, Garden Grove Journal or OC Newspaper? Nobody did. At a time when there is no money and they say taxes must go up, Stanton is giving our city manager a raise. See the recently uncovered document here. Not saying it is not deserved but when the manager's total compensation is already reported at over $250,000 a year it might be best to wait until after the vote before giving out raises.

Save Our Stanton - We need tax reduction, not tax destruction!

Stanton continues to head in the wrong direction as its tax policies will drive more businesses to relocate to other cities or just go out of business. Let's don't give them more reasons to leave our city. It will increase unemployment and we already have the highest unemployment in the county!

Stanton has millions of dollars left over every year after paying for fire and sheriff services. Millions every year! There is no need to increase the tax burden on residents and businesses. And there is no need to reduce our safety services.

We’ve been paying the Utility Users Tax for almost 20 years and we still have a problem with crime and unemployment. Will paying more tax solve these issues?

When running for elected office our council members said our utility tax should be removed, eliminated or were against it. Our City Council pledged no new taxes but they put tax increases on our ballot last June so who failed?

Millions of dollars were spent on a new city yard, new fire station, police station, bought properties around the city, created a new park while working on another one. Besidess police and fire do you see any major budget cuts? No. They already have plenty of our money.

"William C. Estrada lead the effort to reduce the utility tax. Mayor Estrada can be counted on to oppose any new taxes."

William Estrada 2000, Past Stanton Mayor


5-21-2012 - Here we are again... cleaning up the trash off the dead grass at the empty lot on Beach and Orangewood. If we have time for this then why don't we have time for our parks?

city of stanton election

Even the people from places where they have trees are saying the same thing... No New Taxes. Is our local government listening?

Save Our City of Stanton

It doesn't take a lot of research to see that paying more tax will not solve our financial problems. The bottom line is that our city has been spending more money than they take in for far too long. Do you think your CELL PHONE should be taxed to pay for this?

Did you hear about Stanton's sewer fee? Did you get to vote on this increase? It's on our property tax bill... Where did it come from?

What do our city council members think about this tax increase? Click on these images and check out websites and decide for yourself. Hint: they all say NO NEW TAXES during election season:

Ah, how quickly they forget their major campaign promises...

city of stanton

5-21-2012 See the two workers around the trees cleaning the median? Wouldn't it be great if they were taking care of our parks instead? During a time when we had no money, new medians and landscaping were installed and maintained throughout our city. Who is going to take care of all this now what we are out of money? It is spending like this that increases our taxes.

city of stanton
5-2-2012 - While our local parks are closing our workers are doing "who knows what" at the new condos on Beach Blvd. Redevelopment agencies were abolished so who do you think is paying the bill for this? Our city has run out of money for our parks but not this parking lot. What do you think about this?

Independent sources say NO New Taxes:

We recommend a No vote on Stanton's Measure J.

Almost 39% of Stanton homeowners with a mortgage were “under water” in the first quarter of the year.

Libertarian Party of Orange County says NO.  The City of Stanton doesn't know how to manage its finances and seeks close the gap by punishing its citizens and businesses with higher utility taxes.

OC Register Editorial: Recommendations for June 5 ballot (says no to measure J)

National Taxpayers Union says no to Measure J

"In Stanton, the state’s eyebrows furrow over about $72 million of “must-pay” obligations..." See the letter from the state >here< .


city of stanton
He's just an average bear and is similar to you and I. He went to school, goes to work 5 days a week, has a family to raise, goes to the local Church from time to time. He is just doing what he can do and just wants to be left alone and live life with as little intervention from the government as possible.

Well... They raised his state sales tax, they raised his county sales tax, the sewer fee increased a few weeks ago again without a vote of the people, they closed his parks, there are already taxes on his cell phone, electricity, gas, water, home phone... they even took the shirt off his back but they want more. The government says they need more revenue to help the "average bear". The average bear was fine before the government tried to help. Oh, did you know that the average bear doesn't vote? Well, don't be the average bear. Make sure you vote and VOTE NO on Stanton's tax increases in 2012.


Interesting articles:

Former Bell police chief takes the Fifth 20 times
Randy Adams, who is asking the state retirement system to double his pension to reflect his huge salary in Bell, was on the witness stand at a hearing on the request.

We cannot tax ourselves into prosperity
Most of the so-called experts would have you believe there are only three possible solutions. First, and the most popular, is to raise taxes. Second, reduce services by laying off essential employees such as policemen, firefighters, and also closing parks and libraries. Of course number three is to file bankruptcy.

Assured Guaranty Climbs to One-Month High After Reporting Profit
Assured said in court papers today that Stockton, California, isn’t eligible for bankruptcy protection and that the city’s case should be dismissed because it failed to negotiate in good faith with creditors and hasn’t proved that it is insolvent.

Assured says Stockton bankruptcy plan unfair, favors Calpers
Bond insurer Assured Guaranty, facing massive losses in Stockton, California's bankruptcy, on Wednesday said the largest U.S. public pension fund, Calpers, was getting preferential treatment among creditors.

Life after bankruptcy: Problems persist as Vallejo, Calif., touts efforts to bounce back
Vallejo officially came out of bankruptcy in November 2011. The result has been a smaller city government with a noticeable shortage of services and police protection.

“We don’t meet all the needs of the city today,” City Manager Daniel Keen said. “We have stretched the limits of small police force.”

The police department is down from 138 to 93 officers partly because the police union refused to take a cut in pay or benefits. The other three public employee bargaining units have agreed to concessions, mainly in their pension plans and health care benefits. Police officers, meantime, still enjoy free health care coverage for life and the ability to retire at age 50 with 90 percent of their last year’s pay.

Worcester's financial position is strong
The New York Times reported the city of Stockton had mismanaged and overspent funds leading it to conclude — despite cutting 25 percent of its police officers, 30 percent of its firefighters and more than 40 percent of all other city employees — that it could not come up with the $417 million it owes for retiree health benefits.

Unlike Glendale, Burbank’s new utility tax could apply to the internet and satellite TV (updated)
Because this paves the way for the taxation of all non-voice technologies, we have no doubt that the core motive behind this so-called “modernization” is to extend the current utility user tax to a whole host of non-phone, non-personal communications technologies and networks, including the internet and cable and wireless television. They’re planning for that day when all phone and internet data access will be “one” and UUT taxation will be legal under federal law. That’s exactly why this UUT applies to internet communications as well as voice-phone technology. Even if they say it doesn’t right now.

Is the Internet Considered an Office Expense or a Utility?
Unlike office expenses, office utilities are required for the business’ operations and include items such as electric, gas and telephone services. If the business utilizes the Internet regularly to service its customers and is unable to complete the servicing without the Internet, the Internet is defined as an office utility. Internet services that are simply supporting services for the business, and not mandatory for efficient operations, are considered to be office expenses.

city of stanton ca
This is an example of how much our utility tax costs a family of 5 every year. Do you enjoy paying this extra tax without being told exactly what the money will be used for? Wasn't it supposed to be for safety services? That is what they told us in 1993 and 2001, right?

city of stanton
city of stanton
city of stanton



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