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Stanton City

Costly Lawsuit For Stanton?

For every one finger pointing out there are three pointing right back at the Stanton city council as they try to lay blame on anyone else but themselves for a potential costly lawsuit.

Now revealed letters written to the two past mayors show that Stanton's Tax Fighter and resident Kevin Carr has been urging Stanton to move forward with by-district voting for the past few years. These letters went unanswered and you can see the letters here:
2015 Letter To Ethans
2016 Letter To Donahue
2016 Letter To Donahue

Why did these letters from a resident go unanswered? Why would the Stanton city council not at least respond to feedback from a resident?

Kevin Carr attended the past two by-district hearings to help Stanton residents once again by speaking in front of city council explaning that 5 council districts with the exact same power and voting rights as everyone else on the council is the best way to go and anything else leaves the door open for a costly lawsuit. But the Stanton city council is holding its ground by leaving the door open to more and more potentially costly litigation by voting for a by-district voting system that has 4 council members and an at-large elected mayor. This appears they want it this way so like-minded hand-picked council members will continue to sit on the city council leaving the people of Stanton in a worse position than they are today.

Stanton City Hall Gives Notice To It's Residents; Really?

When Stanton City Hall wants to help educate/inform/convince us that we need to give them more of our money in the form of taxes, City Hall spends lots of time and money stuffing our mailboxes full of information so we will vote on a new tax.

Well, did you know that Stanton is moving to voting by districts? Do you know what this means? Chances are that very, very few have heard about the new way we will elect our council members. Stanton's first hearing concerning the new district election process was held last Friday on September 29th at 3pm making it very difficult for us residents to attend. There was almost no announcement of the special meeting so less than a dozen residents attended. Maybe City Hall does not want us to be part of the process? There is a saying that if you are not at the table then you are probably on the menu and at this meeting THE PEOPLE were definitely not well represented at the table.

At the first hearing Kevin Carr took a positive approach by speaking about how to make the new voting system fair to everyone and gave examples. But, when the council discussed the issue it sounded like they were trying way too hard to make a case on how to have only 4 council seats so they can have a separately elected mayor. They went on and on about it and asked for what appeared to be legal advice from the person presenting the demographics of our city. Council members should know it's better to talk with legal counsel about legal issues. Anyway, the Stanton council should know that the correct answer is to have 5 equal sized districts with equal power but now they continue to spend our tax money trying to find a way around this. We could have used this tax money towards our vital safety services. Let's pray that that the Stanton council focuses on taking a positive approach, moves forward with 5 equal sized districts with equal power before they make things worse than they are now.

If the city council leaves the door open to a costly lawsuit they will lose and stall the vote by-district process long enough and push the issue out beyond the November 2018 election so the entire city council can stay in office another couple of more years without districts. Out of 38,500 Stanton Residents in our city only about 4 are pushing for the mayor to be elected separately (at-large). It is unfortunate that if this causes a lawsuit then us residents will have to pay for it.

What is the California Voting Rights Act of 2001?
From Wikipedia: The California Voting Rights Act of 2001 (CVRA) expands on the federal Voting Rights Act of 1965, making it easier for minority groups in California to prove that their votes are being diluted in "at-large" elections. In 1986, the U.S. Supreme Court established conditions that must be met to prove that minorities are being disenfranchised; the CVRA eliminated one of these requirements. Unlike the federal Voting Rights Act, the CVRA does not require plaintiffs to demonstrate a specific geographic district where a minority is concentrated enough to establish a majority. This makes it easier for minority voters to sue local governments and eliminate at-large elections. The Act was signed into law on 9 July 2002.

dave shawver
Lots of extra taxes
and all from just one person?

Tax and fee increases have gotten out of control for some time and in too many cases they are increased without a vote of the people. David Shawver has quite a record of raising taxes and fees especially in Stanton:

2017 - First of all, in Stanton we have to remember we have lots of fees on things like a cable TV franchise fee, SoCal Edison franchise fee, lighting and landscaping fee, protective service fee... And who knows where all these fees came from since it's difficult to keep track of them all and too many times Stanton Residents were not allowed to vote on these fees.

2016 - Shawver worked to stop the rescinding of the Stanton Sales Tax with the use of the "Talk On The Block" community meeting.

2016 - Shawver raised the fees on the local Stanton sewer tax multiple times over the past few years without a vote of the people. Notice this is in addition to the county sewer fee he has been increasing as well.

2015 - Shawver increased the Stanton trash fee without the vote of the people. Again Stanton is near the top of rates charged out of all cities in Orange County and about 25% higher than Tustin which uses the same trash hauler. How can this be justified!

2014 - Shawver put the Stanton Sales Tax Increase on the November 2014 Stanton ballot which passed making it the highest sales tax in Orange County.

2013 - Shawver voted for 5 years of increases on the county sewer fee while serving as Stanton's representative on the County Sanitation District Board. In 2008 the fee was $199 and now in 2017 it will be $339. Again, this was done without a vote of the people.

2012 - Shawver promoted the Measure G bond which increased property tax bills. This was the Savanna school bond but just 17 months earlier Savanna sold Mary Perez School to Stanton for $12.5 million so was an increase in the property tax bill really necessary?

2012 - Major fundraising and campaigning in favor of the 50% utility tax increase leads back to Jennifer Shawver. It looks like tax raising runs in the family.

2012 - Shawver voted to place a 7.5% tax on Stanton's cable television on the Stanton ballot. This is in addition to the franchise fee that is already on the bill which was put on there without a vote of the people.

2012 - Shawver voted to place a 50% increase on the Utility Tax on the Stanton ballot. This would have pushed the utility tax from 5% to 7.5%. This utility tax is also on cellphones.

2010 - Shawver voted for an increase in Stanton’s trash franchise fee without the vote of the people.

2008 - Shawver voted for 5 years of increases on the county sewer fee while serving as Stanton's representative on the County Sanitation District Board. This was done without a vote of the people.

2001 - Shawver supported the Stanton utility tax.

1997 - Shawver supported the Stanton parcel tax.

1994 - 2001 - Council Member Shawver did not let Stanton voters vote on the utility tax from the time he got into office in 1994 until 2001.

1994 - Shawver promoted this message, "I have always fought against the utility user's tax. And it appears no one on the council has even taken a look at other resources, because it's easy to keep spending our tax dollars.". Council Member Shawver has been on the Stanton Council from 1994 to present and so has this utility tax. Why hasn't Dave Shawver kept his promise?

David Shawver needs to work to improve business retention. We have only 2 major grocery stores left! Shouldn't that be telling us something?

David Shawver needs to work to reduce unemployment. Our unemployment rate is always next to the top (when not #1) out of all OC cities. We've got to turn this around.

City of Stanton
Did you notice that our local sewer fee went up by almost 20% in 2012? It went up 24% the year before as well. Now it's 2017 and it seems like that fee continues to increase. Did the city council let us vote on this fee (tax) increase? NO!

EXTRA Local Stanton Taxes/fees: Electricity, water, gas, home phone (ATT or cable), each cellphone, excess trash fee, cable TV franchise fee, electricity franchise fees, Stanton sales tax on purchases (gas for cars, clothing, soda, taxable food, dinning/fast food, Home Depot...), lighting and landscaping fee, protective service fee, city sewer fee...

How much do all of these local taxes cost you every year?

Nearby unincorporated Midway city and surrounding unincorporated islands have the same safety services as Stanton but do not have these extra taxes so why do we?

city of stanton
A family of 5 is paying about $300 in utility taxes every year for cellphones, electricity, water, home phones and natural gas. $300!

city of stanton utility tax

Why is there a Stanton Utility Tax on our cellphones? How much is this tax costing your household every month? How about every year?

Stanton Local Taxes
Remember in June of 2012 when our council members tried to tax our television programming and increase our cellphone tax, home phone tax, water tax, electricity tax and other utility taxes by 50%? Remember they closed 2 of our parks and warned us about dire consequences if we didn’t vote in favor of that tax (measure J), blah, blah, blah…

Well , we voted down Measure J, our parks opened back up,  violent crime went down, the city’s hiring freeze appears to have thawed out and the average household saved about $200 in about 2 years thanks to your “no” vote on the tax increase.

Thank you Kevin Carr for stepping up and taking the lead to defeat Measure J!

Stanton Assets Increase
It was recently reported in the OC Register that Stanton was moving properties between agencies.  The list of parcels included two plots on Katella Ave. an office building on Katella, the 12.75 acre parcel that we bought a couple of years ago on Western, a parcel on Pacific Ave. and the city yard. Let’s not forget all the other properties that our city acquired.  Why does our city council keep over-taxing us, buying up properties with our money and telling us that we have no money then tax us more?

Employee Name Job Title Total Pay & Benefits
James Box Administration (City Manager) $233,515
Omar Dadabhoy Community Development Director $188,168
Allan Rigg Public Works Director $173,925
Julie Roman Community Services Director $168,753
Stephen Parker Administrative Services Director $163,362
Dulce Courtney Accounting Manager $125,896
Keith Gifford Code Enforcement Supervisor $101,135
Kelly Hart Associate Planner $99,276

Source: Transparent California
(Oh, don’t forget the many holidays, Christmas break, Thanksgiving break, vacation time, etc.)

Fee Increase Again:
Did everyone notice the sewer fee increase in their recent property tax bill? Yep, this local tax went up again without the vote of the people. Isn’t it odd that council members can tell us during election years that they won't raise taxes without the vote of the people then once they get elected they raise the sewer fee without the vote of the people?  It is a good thing that our city council was required by law to allow us to vote on the utility tax increase last year otherwise they would just keep increasing it without the vote of the people. Side note: The county sewer fee went up as well and we didn't get to vote on that one either. Look at your property tax bill and see for yourself.


city of stanton utility tax

Yep, you guess it. Our City's Utility Users Tax in on our cell phones. When did cell phones become a utility?

city of stanton

Tustin residents pay $16.28 for 3-can pickup from CR&R so why did our Stanton Council vote to raise our fee to $21.65 then finally bring it down with a temporary discount to $19.95 a month for only two cans? We should be paying $11.90 a month for 3 cans like the residents of nearby Los Alamitos. Why do Irvine Residents pay as little at $10.90 which is half of what we pay in Stanton?

Mayor Al Ethans
7800 Katella Ave.
Stanton, CA 90680

Mayor Ethans:

Los Alamitos residents have 3 trash bins and they pay about $11.90 a month. The OC Register pointed out last year that Stanton trash rates are the second highest in the county. To vote in favor of a fee increase is unimaginable. I mean, why would anyone vote in favor of paying twice as much for something and get one-third the service?

Consider using a trash company that doesn't have the highest price in the county that offers the lowest service.


Kevin Carr

12 Days Of December
Date: 12-2-2013
Last year City Hall was only open 12 days during December. It must be nice to work only 12 days and get paid for the whole month. Looking at the calendar is appears that City Hall again will be open only 12 days this December. The idea of moving from a 4 day, 40-hour work week for city staff to a 3 day, 30-hour work week (Tuesday through Thursday) is looking better all the time. City Hall is closed too many Mondays throughout the year due to holidays anyway. Having a 3-day work week would save on employee wages, reduce holiday closures and reduce utility costs at City Hall which would save us money and we would still be open 12 days every month throughout the year.

Register To Vote
If you, or someone you know, recently moved to Stanton then now is a good time to re-register to vote. Or if you married and had a name change now is a good time as well. Click the image and get registered today.



Stanton Local Taxes
Remember 7 months ago when our council members tried to increase our cell phone tax and utility taxes by 50%? Remember when they closed 2 of our parks and warned us about dire consequences if we didn’t vote in favor of their huge tax increase, blah, blah, blah...

Well our parks aren’t closed,  violent crime went down, the city’s hiring freeze appears to be over and the average household saved about $120 during the past 7 months in unnecessary taxes thanks to your “NO” vote on the tax increase.


city of stanton tax

Did you read about this in the OC Register, Garden Grove Journal or OC Newspaper? Nobody did. At a time when there is no money and they say taxes must go up, Stanton is giving our city manager a raise. See the recently uncovered document here. Not saying it is not deserved but when the manager's total compensation is already reported at over $250,000 a year it might be best to wait until after the vote before giving out raises.

Save Our Stanton - We need tax reduction, not tax destruction!

Stanton continues to head in the wrong direction as its tax policies will drive more businesses to relocate to other cities or just go out of business. Let's don't give them more reasons to leave our city. It will increase unemployment and we already have the highest unemployment in the county!

Stanton has millions of dollars left over every year after paying for fire and sheriff services. Millions every year! There is no need to increase the tax burden on residents and businesses. And there is no need to reduce our safety services.

We’ve been paying the Utility Users Tax for almost 20 years and we still have a problem with crime and unemployment. Will paying more tax solve these issues?

When running for elected office our council members said our utility tax should be removed, eliminated or were against it. Our City Council pledged no new taxes but they put tax increases on our ballot last June so who failed?

Millions of dollars were spent on a new city yard, new fire station, police station, bought properties around the city, created a new park while working on another one. Besidess police and fire do you see any major budget cuts? No. They already have plenty of our money.

Save Our City of Stanton

It doesn't take a lot of research to see that paying more tax will not solve our financial problems. The bottom line is that our city has been spending more money than they take in for far too long. Do you think your CELL PHONE should be taxed to pay for this?

Did you hear about Stanton's sewer fee? Did you get to vote on this increase? It's on our property tax bill... Where did it come from?